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Yuri & Erik Characters In Midli

Last update we showed you the in game character assets for Josephine and Nicholas, so today we wanted to show our other 2 main cast characters in game. Here is a look at what Yuri and Erik will look like in their in-game cutscenes!

Seeing the characters in the game with their story scene backgrounds and some particle effects is really starting to make everything feel like it's coming together. Like we mentioned last time, changing the characters in game to this more simplified style, really is starting to give Midli a distinct and cohesive style. It's actually surprising how complicated it can be to make something simple, or to simplify something. Do you remember writing essay's or reports for school which had to be under 2,000 words, and needing to cut out all the fluff and excess? Making these characters was a bit like that! Going from some very high fidelity and detailed concepts (which just didn't fit into Midli's in-game style), makes you consider what is most important about each character.

There were a lot of various iterations and styles that were tested, but one thing we found to be really important was maintaining the character's humanity. We wanted them to look ghostly, but still be true to what they looked like in life. Since we are really passionate about character diversity, it was super important that the characters have clearly distinguished features to give them each their individual identity. We are super pleased with how they have turned out in the end!

Moving forward, things are coming more and more together, and we are finally starting to see Midli as a whole game. The one issue we are still encountering is a bug related to how Heli moves, where when she bounces off an object, sometimes she will randomly start slowing down to a halt. As soon as this is resolved we will be able to give backers with Beta access the demo to try out! In the meantime though, there is a lot of polish being done to really make Midli shine, so we can't wait for you to see more very soon!

That's it for now, but we will be back with more soon! Don't forget to hit the little heart button if you liked what what you saw <3

- Team DinoByte



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