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Who are we?

Full Moon

Hi! We’re Starry Hollow Games, an award winning UK based indie games studio, co-founded by Louise and Christian in 2015. Up until 2023 we went by DinoByte Labs, so if you see that name floating around that's us! Throughout the years we have built an expertise within the genre of educational games, though we have also worked on a number of games for the mobile market.

Starry Hollow Games is built on our love for games, our rampant creative imagination and our drive to make an impact in the industry. We aim to funnel all of this into creating great player experiences.


We believe in keeping the player in focus throughout the design and development process, and we try to really listen to what our players have to say.


For our own studio games, we try to focus on great stories and experiences, using our knowledge of "emotional design" to give players and immersive and captivating feeling as they play.


Louise L.Graham

I head a lot of the creative aspects of Stary Hollow Games, which includes art, UX design, early prototyping, game design, sound direction and more. However, the work I enjoy the most is concepting and user research.

Outside of work and games, I love most things old ladies love like oldies music, feeding squirrels in the park and taking pictures of my country side adventures.

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The work I love doing most is game design and narrative world building! 

I currently also do most of our writing, animation and development work, a task I'm surprised to find I love as much as I do.

On the occasion that I have free time, I of course love gaming, but also taking long walks in the rain, and being on the lookout for mushrooms and frogs.

Chris L.Graham

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If you are from the press and require images or logos you can find them in our press kit.

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