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Legends of Learning

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When we aren't busy making games of our own, we often work with the Legends of Learning platform to make great little games for schools. Legends of Learning is a platform featuring short educational games designed to supplement teachers' lesson plans in the classroom. We are proud to say we are one of the top rated developers on the platform, with great feedback from students and teacher alike! Have a look at some of the games we have made below!

Light & Seek

The robots on the spaceship have played a prank and turned off the lights! Use your flashlight to find the crew and turn the lights back! Learn how light helps us see, and how it interacts with objects that either block light, diffuse it or reflect it. Made for students grade K-2.

Witch Decimal

The Good Witch has turned all your monster friends into icky cute bunnies. Break the curse by rounding numbers to the right place, and save your friends! Show your skills in rounding decimals down to the thousandth place. Made for 3rd-5th grade students.

of Substance

Help Professor Plasma with her research on states of matter! How do you think substances change when they are heated or frozen? Play with temperature to freeze, melt and evaporate water in order to solve all the puzzles. Made for grades 3-5.


Being a city planner is a rewarding job, but it isn't always easy. In this game, you'll have to balance the demands of the growing population and the environment to make sure you have a town with a high quality of life. The goal is to grow help the population grow while making sure the environment stays healthy. Will you succeed in this balancing act? Made for middle school grades 6-8.

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