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Jumpstart your games career

At DinoByte we have a lot of experience teaching young people about what it takes to start a career in games. Many younger people are curious about how to makes games, yet the knowledge is so often gated behind higher education, when young people these days have all the skills needed to get started already from a early on.


While teaching game design at workshops and events, we found resources on subjects within design and gamification completely non-existent for younger age groups. Seeing this gap sparked to idea to give students the tools they need to begin developing design skills which are not only used in the games industry, but have become ubiquitous across tech related industries.


GameXP will be a digital platform, teaching concepts such as gamification, user experience, games design, creative thinking and so much more, while also exploring the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. These lessons will be delivered mainly through video content, with interactive elements. The service will give parents and schools a modern and progressive way of teaching design and gamification principles, a subject area many schools are trying to adapt to include. Students will be eager to learn various concepts, framed around games, a subject which sparks their motivation and excitement.

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