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Starry Hollow Games Press Kit



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Starry Hollow Games LTD

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August, 2015


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Who are we?

Starry Hollow Games is a small indie games studio based in London, fueled by donuts and a drive to make great games with diverse player experiences. Up until 2023 we went by DinoByte Labs.

But who are we, really?

Games are our passion, and we’ve all been gamers for over 20 years. We’re big fans of the classics we grew up with, and we really want to honor those games with much needed modern twists and depth, like gripping aesthetics and compelling narratives.


We believe the games industry, like any creative industry, would be better with more diversity and representation, and we hope our games will show this. We aspire to keep the studio inclusive, and we especially want to encourage more girls to enter the games and tech industries.

Who’s behind it all?

Louise Leolin has a background, and BA (Hons) in interactive media, with a focus on user experience design. Her main role at Starry Hollow Games is as our Games Producer, though she also undertakes all our UX design, user research, marketing, and much more.


“We need to challenge the perceptions of what a game dev looks like, and encourage people of all backgrounds to dream about breaking into this industry.”


Christian Lovdal has his BA (Hons) in Games Design (Story Development). His main role at Starry Hollow Games is as our Games Director, though he also doing all our story and character writing, as well as coding and development, and much more.


"In games you are placed in the role of a character, so representation matters even more, both to create a relatable experience, as well as empathy for what others go through."

How did we get here?

We started out as a interactive media studio, doing work on websites, apps, digital marketing and branding and more. It was always our goal to work with games, but it’s a hard industry to break into, so we used our broad skillsets to get established.


As recently as March 2017, we rebranded as solely a games studio!

Later in 2023 we changed our name from DinoByte Labs to Starry Hollow Games!

What do we actually do?

Not only do we develop our own games, we also consult and contract out to other companies on their games, and have worked on multiple games published separately. However, our most exciting project is our own game, Midli, which had a successful Kickstarter! You can also find us on the Legends of Learning Platform with the games GreenvilleSomething of Substance, Witch Decimal and Light and Seek.

Who else has talked about us?

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