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Midli Press Kit




DinoByte Labs;

Based in London, UK


Game Release:

TBA 2020



iOS and Android devices



GBP 2.99

USD 2.99

EUR 3.49





Social Media:

@dinobytelabs on







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Midli is a dark and mystical tale about letting go, with gameplay inspired by old school classics like Breakout, but with a unique modern twist.


The game features an otherworldly and relaxing atmosphere, and tells compelling stories about a diverse roster of characters.


Players take on the role of Heli, who guides the fates of the spirits stuck in Midli. Throughout the game she will help four intriguing spirits and piece together the fragments of their memories, all while uncovering an adventure of her own.


Midli utilizes narrative and atmospheric elements to create rich and dynamic gameplay, with a wide range of mechanics that fit each level, and feels great to play with.



  • Affect not only the story outcome, but even the storytelling, based on how you play

  • Discover multiple endings!

  • Get to know a diverse cast of characters

  • Explore an equally diverse set of worlds

  • Experience the story of Midli through animated cutscenes

  • Encounter several interesting types of enemies

  • Play with atmospheric obstacles like rain and darkness, time manipulations, mirror reflections and much more!



Midli is based on an idea by Louise Leolin, the founder and director of DinoByte Labs, who is the games producer, and a games designer, on this project.


Originally we were working on a more lighthearted casual game, but Louise wanted to create something a little darker, and with more substance. Her favorite games have depth and great stories, and she wanted to combine this with unique and dynamic mechanics, captivating art and sound design and a compelling choice driven narrative. This lead to the team working towards mixing the feel good laid-back gameplay typical of mobile games, with the atmosphere and narrative of the games we often play on PC.


Fueled by donuts and a drive to make games with diverse player experiences, DinoByte Labs was set up in 2015. We’ve worked on multiple games, both together and individually, but this is the first game that will be self-published and based entirely on our own vision.


We are a pretty small team of 3 based in London, and the initial pre-alpha build was self funded. On the 15th of September 2017, we were successfully funded 129% of our goal on Kickstarter to finalize our first independent release, with our campaign running from 16/08/2017 till 15/09/2017!

Press & Interviews



Download as .zip with additional media (as well as additional logo variations)

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