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Josephine's World Trailer + New Forgotten Shadow!

We have had a super intense, and busy year so far, with a lot of new projects coming up. That being said we are getting further and further along with Midli.

Today we wanted to show you a closer look at what Josephine's world will look like in game. Make sure you have sound on to enjoy the amazing music by Robert Mai!

You might have noticed a new creepy forgotten shadow lurking in the darkness, trying to snatch things away. We haven't figured out a name for them yet (though we have a few ideas), so we thought we would open up to you all for some suggestions! This shadow will snatch Heli up mid-air and then pull her towards the darkness until she can free herself, at which point she drops straight down.

We also made a decision (curious to know if anyone noticed this!) to change the color palette for Josephine's world. Previously we were using more yellow, gold and brown tones, however we gravitated more towards rose golds and coppers in the final version (we are millennials after all, haha!).

We mentioned that the music has been super close to getting finished as well, and with all the songs composed and approved, we have brought in Ian LeCheminant to mix the scores to perfection, wrapping up all the work needed for music!

Midli is getting there, and we can finally start to see the finish line! There is a lot on our plate with other projects as well, so we want to keep expectations as realistic as possible regarding demo's and even release, so as of now we won't confirm any dates yet, but hopefully we can do that in not too long!

That's it for now! Let us know what you think of the final version of Josephine's world in the comments or by hitting that heart button in your email!

Stay safe out there <3

- Team DinoByte



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