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Meet Nicolas Santiago, A Lost Spirit in Midli

Hey Everyone,

We hope you are having a cheerful holiday season so far!

Today we wanted to give you a little introduction to one of our spirits stuck in Midli, Nicholas. Here is a little profile for him, with some concept art, so you can get to know him better! Let us know which character you would like to hear about next in the comments!

Name: Nicolas Santiago

Age: 31

Background: American of Hispanic/mixed heritage

Occupation: Night manager at a club


Nicholas is a remorseful troublemaker with a short temper, who fears that other's might see him as darkly as he sees himself. He struggles with his insecurities and often lies to cover up his lack of self esteem, and to keep up appearances among his peers. A product of his environment, he feels trapped in his situation and like there is no way out.

Myers-Briggs Type: ESTP

MtG Color Pie: Red, Black, Green

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

DnD Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Nicholas' world in Midli will be themed around mirrors and reflections and we are really excited for you to get to try it out! Here is a concept teaser our artist James did for Nicholas' mirror world.

That's it for now! We hope you have enjoyed this little teaser, give this post a like if you want us to post more stuff like this! Also, we have now shipped out all physical rewards, so many of you should have started getting them in the mail! We would love to hear from those of you who have gotten your rewards, so let us know on social media if you've received them, and use #TeamMidli so we can easily find your posts!



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