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Josephine & Nicolas Characters In Midli

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at DinoByte, as we’ve had a nasty flu wreak havoc through the office after we finished a two week sprint of updating our accounting and paperwork. Fortunately it’s passing now, and we’re back on our feet, ready to share some more from Midli development!

We’re super excited to start showing you some of the characters of Midli as they’ll actually appear in the game! In the past we’ve mostly shown promo art and concepts, including the art which feature on the tarot cards or in trailers, but we’ve been working on the story scenes and getting the character in-game assets finalized.

Above you can see Josephine and Nicolas as they will appear in their story sequences. As you can see, the characters remain pretty similar compared to their concepts, however since Midli's in-game graphics have a very distinct style we wanted the characters to match that. Their in-game assets have been simplified, making it easier for us to animate them in Unity, we have also given them a much more flat color style and simple smooth edges, which all tie in nicely with Midli's backgrounds and how Heli looks.

As much as we ADORE the amazing concept arts which were used to create these characters, sometimes, especially when working on mobile games, simplicity ends up working better for the project. We’re currently working on adding animations, lighting and other effects to make the scenes come to life, and we’ll show you some more very soon!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see Midli's characters come to life and to experience their stories! Let us know what you think of Nicolas and Josephine's in-game character assets, and hit that little heart button to let us know if you liked this update!

- Team DinoByte



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