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First Look At Josephine's World

We hope you had a great start to the year! We have been hard at work getting Midli polished and ready for you all to play!

Today we wanted to show you the first look at Josephine's world:

As you can see her world will revolve around time, with clocks inspiring not only the visuals but also the mechanics. As our eldest character, Josephine's story will give an interesting perspective of looking back on a lifetime, and dealing with a sense that time is running out. It's a theme I think many of us can relate to, no matter what age. Looking back on the past can be bitter sweet as feelings of nostalgia, regret, fondness and curiosity all mingle together as we try to process it.

The mechanics of Josephine's world will see Heli propelled by whirring cogs, spinning clock hands and swinging pendulums. We will also be introducing a new forgotten shadow, which we look forward to you meeting in one of our next updates!

Until then, we will head back to development, and see you in the next update! As always, thank you to all our lovely backers for your patience, comments and likes! Don't forget to hit that little heart button and show this update some love ❤︎



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