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About Erik and the Ocean World

We have been focusing a lot lately on developing Midli’s character Erik and his ocean themed world. Today we wanted to let you get to know him a little better, and give you a hint at what Erik’s world will look like!

Name: Erik Haraldsson

Age: 45

Background: Scandinavian

Occupation: Accountant


Erik is a man struggling with depression and a lack of passion for life. He is reserved, and has difficulty expressing his feelings, often causing others to think he is indifferent or uncaring. Even around those closest to him he never lets down his walls, creating a distance that leaves him feeling isolated, not because he doesn't want to let anyone in, but because he doesn't know how to.

Erik Myers-Briggs Type: ISTJ

MtG Color Pie: White, Blue, Green

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

DnD Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Erik’s world will be based on water and the ocean, with themes invoking feelings of emotional turbulence, and isolation. Most of the stuff we’ve shown you so far has been from Yuri’s forest levels, so here is a look at Erik’s world as you will see it in his cutscenes! We really love the work our artist James has been putting into keeping Midli both beautiful and ethereal, but also dark and mysterious. What do you think? Which world are you most curious to see next?

We hope you have enjoyed this little update, and can’t wait to reveal more soon! As always thank you for all your support, tweets and patience!

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