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#Inktober Drawing Contest

Hey all!

Inktober is starting tomorrow, and we are super excited! Both Chris and Lou will be taking part so make sure you're following them on Instagram (@louibunny and @chrisenium) to see what they draw.

For those of you who don't know, #Inktober is a fun event to help improve your art skills, where you draw one drawing every day of October. Traditionally you should draw in ink, but we are just using Inktober as a good excuse to form better art habits, so as long as we create something, whether digital, ink, marker, sketch etc. we consider it a success.

We know a lot of you will also be trying out Inktober, so we've decided to hold a little informal contest! If you decide to draw Heli from our upcoming game Midli, make sure to tag us (We will be keeping an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for your art). We will be selecting the 5 best drawings, which will each receive 1 free Midli game code for either iOS or Android (for you or a friend). In addition, we will be including all our favorite submissions in our 'Making of Midli' digital booklet (with your permission of course, and with credit and links to your social media). Winners will be announced on 02/11/2018.

If this sounds like a fun little challenge make sure to join in and tag us! We can't wait to see your interpretations of Heli! We won't set any rules as to what medium you can use, so feel free to draw, sketch, 3D model, or whatever you feel like! We'll be including some Heli artwork below which you can use as references. Best of luck!

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