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Meet the Composer of Midli's Original Soundtrack!

We're excited to announce that we'll be working with award winning, and College Emmy-nominated composer Robert Mai to create an amazing original soundtrack for Midli!

It's important to us that Midli delivers a great experience that captures the atmosphere and tone of the world, as well as the characters and themes of our stories. A huge part of this is tied to the music, and we think the beautiful work from Robert will deliver perfectly! He's blown us away with his intricate, yet relaxing songs that really nail the mood and tone of Midli, and we can't wait to share more songs when we're ready!

Our game will feature 8+ unique songs, all with variations to give a different feel to the various levels within each world. Because we think the soundtrack will be something exceptional, we'll also be compiling it as a digital album, which is already available for preorder RIGHT NOW via our Kickstarter for only £5 as a pledge add-on!

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