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We won an award and received a grant!

Not too long ago we applied for a small grant through the University of East London. The intent was that the grant could help us polish and market our first game (which we will announce soon, and intend to release later this year)!

We weren't entirely sure what to expect, fully aware that we're still a young company, with no games yet released. There were at least 60 applicants for the grant with a mix of entrepreneurial ventures like our own, as well as social enterprises.

We are now happy and excited to announce that we, alongside 6 others, won!

The grant is organized through the UEL Enterprise team and funded by the Haberdashers' Company. The Haberdashers Livery Company is more than 500 years old, an organization that started out as a merchants guild, and is now considered one of the 'Great Twelve City Livery Companies of London'. Today it mostly involves itself in charities and education, functioning as the trustee for three grant-making foundations and four school foundations. The company prides itself on its focus on education and supporting young entrepreneurs.

The award ceremony was held at the beautiful Haberdashers Hall in central London, where we received our award from the Master of the company and the Vice-Chancellor of UEL. We are incredibly grateful that they believed in us and our ideas, and that they've given us this boost, and we are also thankful for the amazing support from the Enterprises team who helped us along the way.

Hopefully we will have more to share with you soon about the game we're working hard on, and we're going to do our best to show the Haberdashers that they made a great decision!


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