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Welcome to our blog!

We're an indie games company, though we do much more than just make games. Two of the things we're the most passionate about is the games industry and game design. This blog exists so we can talk about those two things, while occasionally showing the progress of our games through update posts.

We'll be writing updates on projects we're working on, maybe showing off some screenshots or short clips of our games, playtests and general work. This isn't just meant to be promotional, but also so we can discuss interesting design elements and the process of making games.

In the same vein we'll be looking at game design and theory, and discussing design concepts. We find game design to be incredibly interesting, and we want to share what we know with everyone. It would be great to engage in interesting and meaningful discussion about it, so we can all get a better understanding of how and why games are designed as they are.

We also want to talk about the games we play through game reviews. We won't just be looking at if they are fun and if you should buy them, but what is interesting in the design, what mechanics are unique and what might have gone into the making of the game from a design perspective. Hopefully this can start some interesting discussions in the comments!

The games industry is ever changing, and new trends rise up and disappear continually. We'll be writing about current industry trends, looking at market saturation and discussions happening in the games community. We are highly invested in what is going on in the industry and follow news quite closely. With this in mind we will try to analyse what's new and where the industry might go in the future.

We use a large variety of tricks and tools to design and develop, and a lot of these are resources we have gathered over the years. Starting out as a designer can be daunting, but we want to help by suggesting tips and sharing tools that we wish we had when we started out.

While games are what we live and breathe, we're also generally interested in tech and the digital market. Gamification is a popular concept at the moment, and more and more designers are using game design elements in the creation of non-gaming apps. Occasionally a really great app will come out that we find useful, and we'll try to share them with you through our reviews.

That's about it. We're still working out the schedule for exactly what will be posted when, so for now there is no specific order to what gets posted. We're super excited for this blog as an outlet for us to get our thoughts out there, and we hope you'll join us in discussion!!

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See ya soon!

Christian and Louise



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